Pulau Tidung

Place to relax and have a great time

About Wonderful Tidung

Why Pulau Tidung

Pulau Tidung (Tidung Island) is one of thousand islands (Pulau Seribu) located north of Jakarta. Most of the islands are unhabituated and many have small settlements but no tourist accommodation nor facilities. Pulau Tidng is one of a few islands with developed tourist infrastructure and services.

Who Are We

This hidden paradise is very unknown to foreign and even local tourists. You can hardly meet any foreign tourist on the island. The fact that this island is not frequently visited by foreigners brings some disadvantages with it - hardly anyone on the island speak any English. And there is no credit card facility or PayPal accepted in any of the local shops (except very few), which are commonly used payment options in western world to pay for goods and services.

Our aim is to help promote this beautiful hidden island destination to tourist from all over the world. On our website we will introduce local businesses, attractions and services along with basic information about each. We will provide basic translation service if you need to contact the shop or service provider to arrange booking, accommodation or anything else. We can also help you to arrange payment for services and goods via PayPal if needed.

How to get there

There are three ways how to get on to the Tidung Island by boat. Unfortunately, there is no air transport available yet.

Speed Boat

From Ancol and Kali Adem Muara Angke

Shuttle Boat

From Kali Adem Muara Angke

Ferry Boat

From Kali Adem Muara Angke


Budget accommodation. Suitable for large groups.

Luxury accommodation. Suitable for overseas travellers.

Packages including transpot, accommodation, food and activities.

Food and Shops

Street food stalls and restaurants.

Fresh food markets and general groceries.

General stores and services.


Banana boat and other rides

Private boat hire for individuals or small groups

Bike or motorbike hire to explore the island

Dive and snorkel trips and gear for hire.

Sandy or secluded beaches for relaxing or family time

Various activities available on the island

Contact Us

Please send us a message if you have any questions about the island or suggestions for improvements.