There are heaps of accommodation options on the island. Below are listed some that are inexpensive and fits the budget for larger groups.

Please note that there is no detailed map of Tidung island available and there are no street names (not to mention numbers). Each place can be located by its name if you ask any locals they will point you to the right direction. We are also including the GPS location for each place to help you navigate while on island.

0858 1171 3577 (Mariah)
0585 1422 7355 (Hamdan)

Penginapan Samudra
WA: 0812 8376 6476
T: 0857 1927 8241

New Gryia Rahma
T: 0815 1022 0399
T: 0858 1112 2146

T: 0858 1170 4013 (Subhan)
T: 0858 8888 0410 (Fitriah)
Google Plus Code (GPS): 6P685GX3+WF

Sisca Home Stay
T: 0857 7522 9595