Tidung island offers limited number of luxury accommodation that meet the expectations of some foreign travellers. In this category you will find rooms that have at least following facilities:
-Flushable toilets
-Hot water in bathroom
-Air conditioning unit

We also included in this category accommodation that stands out from others because of their picturesque location.

Please note that there is no detailed map of Tidung island available and there are no street names (not to mention numbers). Each place can be located by its name if you ask any locals they will point you to the right direction. We are also including the GPS location for each place to help you navigate while on island.

Nirwana Beach Cottages
T: 0816 1716 1373, 0813 1772 9856
T: 0878 8613 1071, 0858 8349 6765

Mutiara Tidung Resort
T: 0857 7752 7685
WA: 0812 2043 7051