Food & Shops

Markets and Groceries

There are hundreds of small shops scattered around island, offering basic refreshments, instant food, cigarettes, sauces and even petrol in 1L bottles. Some shops do have extended variety on offer like basic cosmetics, household products and items of personal hygiene. However, there are number of speciality shops offering broader variety of products and services or selling in bulk at discounted prices.

Please note that there is no detailed map of Tidung island available and there are no street names (not to mention numbers). Each shop can be located by its name if you ask any locals they will point you to the right direction. We are also including the GPS location for each shop/attraction to help you navigate while on island.

General store. Sells variety of goods including basic medications.
Google Plus Code (GPS): 6P686F2X+7V

This store sells beer. Other things they sell are instant noodles, sauces and biscuits.
Google Plus Code (GPS): 6P686F2W+P6

Basic groceries. Instant noodles or coffe/tea can be cooked and served by shop owner.
Google Plus Code (GPS): 6P686F2W+P6

Toko Arif. Sells goods in bulk, like soft drinks, bottled water, instant noodles etc.
T: 0815 1372 2618
Google Plus Code (GPS): 6P686F2X+C9

Toko Ibu Delu.
Another shop that sells beer. They also offer 0% alcohol Bintang beer.
Google Plus Code (GPS): 6P685GX3+V6

Fresh fruit and vegetables market.
Google Plus Code (GPS): 6P686F2W+PW

Fresh fruit and vegetable market. This shop is located right opposite of Masjid Pulau Tidung (main mosque).
Google Plus Code (GPS): 6P686F2W+QJ