Food & Shops

Shops and Services

There are some general stores and services available on Tidung, however the offer is limited as Tidung is a very small island. Most of the shops around the main street area are the souvenir shops selling Tidung themed clothings.

Please note that there is no detailed map of Tidung island available and there are no street names (not to mention numbers). Each shop can be located by its name if you ask any locals they will point you to the right direction. We are also including the GPS location for each shop/attraction to help you navigate while on island.

Hardware and genaral store. Sells various hardware, cleaning products, fishing hooks and lines and household items.Owner speaks little bit English!
Google Plus Code (GPS): 6P686F2X+Q5

Toko KK. Second hardware store on island. Limited variety, moslty building materials.
Google Plus Code (GPS): 6P686F2X+J6

Toko Amel. Basic stationery. Also offering scanning photocopy service.
Google Plus Code (GPS): 6P686G22+88

Basic stationery and scanning/photocopy service.
Google Plus Code (GPS): 6P686G22+88

The only on eATM located on the island. Beware, most of the times the ATM is out of cash and we don't think it accepts international cards.
Google Plus Code (GPS): 6P686F2X+8Q

Souvenir shops.
Google Plus Code (GPS): 6P686F2X+F7

Toko Murah. Mobile accessories and recharge vouchers. You can purchase SIM cards for voice calls and/or data packs.
Google Plus Code (GPS): 6P686F2V+VV

Souvenir shop with hand-crafted items.
Google Plus Code (GPS): 6P685GX3+PH

Hairdresser salon. Ladies and men's.
Google Plus Code (GPS): 6P686F2W+JM